Lori Jarmin welcomed everyone to our picnic location at Jensen Grove.  It was a little breezy, but the view over the water was great and we had our very own air show with crop dusters flying over us on the way out of the airport!.

Some of our members waiting for lunch!
Mary McCullough, Alice Baumgartner (hiding!), Rita Harris, Peggy Wareing, Elaine McNair, Karen Price

When our chicken arrived (brought by Alice) we all indulged in one of our favorite pastimes (eating, not quilting).  As we were finishing our lunch, Candy High handed out papers with pictures of quilt blocks that we were supposed to identify and fill in the blanks on which blocks we knew!

Lori showed our raffle quilt and Joyce Brower talked about ticket sales and 
sign-ups for selling raffle tickets at the Eastern Idaho State Fair.  
Lori reminded everyone that entries for the 
NeedleArts department are August 28th and 29th.


Vee Gibson - PHD # 12  Stretched on a frame from Hill City Mercantile, 
South Dakota - edges of applique are blanket stitched

Vee Gibson - PHD # 11 - I Spy - picnic quilt - applique - blanket stitched
Covered with ANTS!

Vee Gibson - PHD # 14 USA wall hanging - thread from 
daughter's house to Idaho

Vee Gibson - PHD #7 -  Scrap Quilt Variation 
for the Humanitarian Center

Vee Gibson - PHD #13 -  Butterfly Quilt

Vee Gibson - PHD # 7 - Scrap Quilt Variation

Ann Faulkner - Quilts of Valor - quilted by Laura Jones

Ann Faulkner - Hawaiian fabrics - flowers called ginger stalks
Quilted by Laura Jones

Lorraine Troescher - PHD # 1 half square triangles
Keep in mind it was a breezy day!

Debbie Miles - PHD # 1 - Blue Rose - Disappearing 9 Patch 
She will be donating this to SEICAA or The Senior Center in Blackfoot

Linda Michaelson - half hexagons

Alice Baumgartner - dresser scarf - used blocks from 
Connie Tabor class taught in February

Leora Melton - Friendship block made for Karen Price

Leora Melton - crib quilt - quilted by Terilee Jacobson

Marty Freeburne - Friendship block made 
in two sizes for Karen Price 

Laura Jones - says she has had her longarm business for 10 years 
and finally had three days that she got to quilt for herself!

Karen Price - Friendship block for Jonnel Kelley

Alice Baumgartner - Friendship block made for Karen Price

Julia Wareing - showing her "Pink and Chocolate" quilt - PHD # ?
Editha VanOrden holding on the left!

From Alice Baumgartner

Preheat Oven to 325 degrees

2 ½ C crushed graham crackers (approx 18)
½ C melted butter
Mix crushed graham crackers and melted butter. 
Pat in 8x8 pan and bake 10 minutes.  Let cool.

Cream together:
½ C softened butter
2 C powdered sugar
2 eggs
1 tsp vanilla
Put on top of cooled crust.  Back 15 minutes.
Cool completely.

Fold together:
2 C whipping cream _whip to stiff peaks
14 oz can crushed pineapple (drained)
SPREAD over mixture.  Can garnish with graham cracker crumbs
Refrigerate until cold.


The June meeting was called to order by Alice Baumgartner in place of our absent president, Lori Jarmin.  She made the following announcements:

Board Meeting is July 2, 2015 at 10:00 am.

Our next meeting will be our picnic at Jensen Grove on July 23, 2015 at 11:00 am.  Those members with last names A - L should bring a side dish, salad or dessert.  The club will provide the chicken.

Connie Tabor talked about the upcoming Eastern Idaho State Fair (September 5 - September 12).  Dates for entering into the fair are August 28, 29 from 11:00 am - 8:00 pm. She handed out fair books for those members that wanted them.  The online website is http://www.funatthefair.com/ for those that want to print or fill out entry forms.

Karen Price presented the block of the month - "Rosebud"

The finished Raffle Quilt was presented with thanks to Lori Jarmin for putting the quilt together, Terilee Jacobson for machine quilting and Janey Cook for doing the binding.

Joyce Brower handed out packets of tickets for members to sell before the fair starts and will have a sign up sheet next month for selling tickets at the fair. Proceeds from the ticket sales will go to the 
Blackfoot Meals on Wheels program.

Karen Price gave a book report on the book "40 Fabulous Quick Cut Quilts" by Evelyn Sloppy.  She made a sample of the cover quilt block 
titled "Honeyberries"


Joyce Brower showing her friendship block for Jonnel Kelley

Ann Faulkner showing her friendship block for Jonnel Kelley

Madge Lindsay holding block from Connie Tabor, Sally Strawn, 
Ann Faulkner, and Leora Melton showing 
their friendship blocks for Karen Price.


Linda Watson - 3 tablerunners - PHD"S # 2,11,12

Nancy Furniss showing block of the month 
from May meeting,  "Spring Star"

Jean Korth - PHD # 2 - Gentlemen's Quarter pattern

Linda Michaelson - 2 mug rugs

Linda Michaelson -  Christmas stocking

Linda Michaelson - iron caddy

 Linda Michaelson - PHD # 3 - Fox Quilt she made for herself

Trudy Stubbs - PHD # 2

 Trudy Stubbs - quilt she made at Julia Wareing's class

 Trudy Stubbs - Cowbow Quilt - PHD # 1

Trudy Stubbs - 9 patch, quarter square triangles

Julie Martin - Made from homespun fabrics - a wedding quilt for Reagan and Tyler - to be used as a ball game quilt - machine quilted by Connie Tabor
Left - helping to show is Alice Baumgartner

Diantha Hatch - 3 zippered bags

Diantha Hatch - last month block of the month - "Spring Star"

Diantha Hatch - t-shirt quilt made for youngest son

Lynda Sponenburgh - 5 PHD'S - 5,7,8,10, 20
Kim Diehl pattern - "Cloud Nine"

Kim Diehl pattern - "Sunday Supper"

Kim Diehl pattern - "Meandering"

Kim Diehl pattern - Idaho Lily - hand applique - needle turn method
 Lynda Sponenburgh - pattern by Lori Holt - "Apron Strings"
Ann Faulkner - "Blue Creation"  took 7 years to complete
Right - friend Sally Strawn

Doris Coffey - PHD # 1, t-shirt quilt for granddaughter
Doris Coffey - PHD # 13 - machine quilted by Shirley Wilson

Garnalee Harrington - blanket for Elizabeth Basket
Garnalee and her husband leaving for a mission to the Phillipines for 18 months.

Jonnel Kelley - made for her husband - farm lap quilt

Mary Hege - PHD'S - baby crib quilts

 Mary Hege - PHD - Mystery Quilt - made with members of the 
"Stitch and Giggle" Quilt Club

Elaine McNair - Made for her youngest granddaughter, 
that picked out the fabric - Pattern is called "Square Dance"
Quilted by LeeAnn Price

Elaine McNair - pillow sham and pillows to go with quilt 

Carol Dilg - Made for18 year old granddaughter 
that just graduated from High School

Binders of Quilter's Newsletter Magazine donated by Dixie Jacky,
a long time member that is moving to Boise to be near her grandkids.
We will miss you!!!!!!!

Other magazines donated by Trudy Stubbs.  Thank You!!!