Candy High called the meeting to order for the last time as President of the Blackfoot Piecemakers' Club.

She announced the new members joining last month as:
Viola Warren, Pat Wolfley, and Jamie Orton.

The following members that have birthdays in November are:
Stacey McClellan, Linda Michaelson, Jean Korth (moved), Nan Harrison, 
Valarie Lemas, Alice Baumgartner, Carol Dilg and Marty Freeburne.

Candy announced that Lori Jarmin's husband had gotten his kidney 
transplant in Salt Lake City and seemed to be doing really well!!!

Leora Melton asked members for donations of quilts, blankets or anything 
else that could help people in Napa, California because of the 
catastrophic fires.
There was a truck leaving the following week to take a load of donations.
She ask that members contact her by phone if they could help.

Candy announced that the Christmas Party was being held on November 30th and members with their last names M - Z should bring a side dish 
or dessert.  The club is donating the ham.

A board meeting was scheduled for November 2, 2017.

The following are board members for the 2017-2018 year.
Laurel Hill (Membership), Madge Lindsay( Treasurer), 
Julie Martin(Secretary), Linda Michaelson(President), Trudy Stubbs(President) and Sandra Shelley(Librarian).  
Those not pictured are:
Kathryn Evans (Vice President), Alice Elison (Friendship blocks), 
Ann Faulkner(Photographer) and Lori Jarmin (Historian, Blogger)

Linda Michaelson and Trudy Stubbs, our co - presidents, 
told us a little about themselves:  They both joined in 2014.  
Linda loves to piece and her favorite block is the 9 patch.  
She also makes lots of bags and is known as the chicken lady!  
Trudy's favorite block is the churn dash and loves bright colors 
and is also a great knitter!

Lori Robertson of Rexburg was introduced by Candy.  She is Madge Lindsay's daughter and was asked to fill in with a trunk show at the last minute.  She succeeded! with her quilts and those of her friends quilts (Susan Hanson)

She told us her philosophy on quilting and life that she learned from her friends:
"Don't ever put off what you want to do" and "If this takes me 
forever, that's okay".

This is Lori's first quilt
Lori made this snuggle quilt for her mom's birthday and presented it to her!

Made with her quilting group - Lori is one of 10 members that get together once a week to sew.  Whoever hosts the day at their house, gets to feed everyone!!!  They do a lot of the same projects and challenges.

Wall Hanging made with blocks from a friendship exchange

Kimberbell pattern

Lori says "Everyone should make a bug jar quilt"

Lori got this pattern from a quilting magazine

Machine applique - made with her sewing group

Block of the month from Porter's

Sweetheart Houses made with her sewing group

Stack and Whack

One of Susan's quilts - made with triangles

Farm Girl Vintage - Susan's quilt that was hung at Day Dreams Quilt Shop

Star Trek from a layer cake for her husband

Susan calls this her mourning quilt because she made it 
when 2 of her close friends moved away.
"Dancing Rings" pattern from McCall's Quilting August 2000

Susan's reproduction quilt - "Scraps of the Past" 
published March 2001  McCall's Quick Quilts magazine

Susan's Dresden Quilt

Susan used layer cake for this quilt

Lori used a charm pack for this table topper

 Vintage picnic fabric from Cotton Way

The Rexburg Temple

Kimberbell pattern

Cheater panel

Susan's Spring Quilt

Susan's Stars

Susan's Summer Quilt

Susan's Chicken Quilt

Old levi quilt- bow tie pattern-binding made with waist bands from levis

Winter Quilt

Made with group

Christmas Quilt

Block Exchange

Nativity Scene

Used an accu quilt cutter

Snowman block exchange with no specifications

Red Christmas stocking exchange  by Lori

Red Christmas stocking exchange by Susan

Made from leftover fabric used in Lori Holt's "Cozy Christmas"

Susan's "Cozy Christmas" by Lori Holt

Susan's Dresden Quilt

Susan's "In the Meadow, We can build a Snowman"

Bear Paw - hand quilted

Pumpkins with baskets

Chickens - a group challenge

Used a Halloween layer cake + 3/4 yds. of orange and black fabric

Fall Quilt - little blocks made with cheater fabric

Susan's Witches with loose boots

Susan's Sunflowers

Susan's Row Quilt

Curved Piecing with ragged edges made from a charm pack

Lori took leftovers from above quilt and made a turkey

Susan's Autumn quilt

Halloween Lone Star Quilt

Susan - Happy Halloween characters

"Trick or Treat"

Buggy Barn Hearts

Susan's Spinning Stars made with leaf fabric

Group Challenge - Dresden Neighborhood - you can Google
Dresden Neighborhood Block Tutorial - Sold by Persimon Dreams
You can also search on Pinterest for ideas

Quilt made by Lori for her son's wedding 2 years ago
Susan Hanson custom quilt this for Lori


Madge Lindsay - Scout quilt that she donates every year
Has two panels and the rest are pieced blocks

Audrey Eberhard - "Wonky Star" pattern from Missouri Quilt Co.
Made for her grandbaby Raegan - MQ by Connie Tabor

Doris Coffey - T-shirt quilt made for her granddaughter that 
goes to Oklahoma Baptist University

Doris Coffey - "Woven Friendship" -  pattern adapted from a picture found 
in Connecting Threads catalog    96 x 108 inches

Rosy Neitzel - star table runner - made from previously taught class

Rosy Neitzel - Pictures of women - spool blocks setting 
made for her sewing room

Rosy Neitzel - Bicycle blocks

Teri Lee Jacobson - made to donate to Elizabeth Baskets program

Teri Lee Jacobson - made to donate to the Elizabeth Basket Program

Teri Lee Jacobson - made from throw away scraps

Marty Freeburne - Baby Quilt made with Prairie Stitching with Perle Cotton
Will be donated to the Mennonite Auction in the Spring

Linda Borba - Oven Mitt

Linda Borba - Halloween Wall Hanging

Linda Borba - Charm Party Tote Pattern

Candy High - 9 Patch Quilt called "Emma Grace"

Candy gave a quick demonstration about quilt backings
Work with your quilter to get good results so you won't be disappointed
Most quilters prefer a backing that goes on with seam horizontally.
When sewing your backing put the two ends together and sew the seam 
toward the fold ensuring the pieces are equal.