President Lori Jarmin greeted the members and made the following announcements:

HMQS is being held in Sandy, Utah, May 7 - 9, 2015.  Those interested
should check out the website at www.hmqs.org.
Board meeting in May will be held on May 14, 2015
for all those interested in attending.

Mary Hege demonstrated the block of the month (Sunbonnet Sue and Sam).


Blocks for Julie Martin:  Karen Price and Ann Falkner

Blocks for Garnalee Harrington:  Alice Baumgartner, Audrey Eberhard, Karen Price, Lori Jarmin, Nancy Furniss, Janine Shigihara

Blocks for Jonnel Kelley:  Candy High, Diantha Hatch, Lori Jarmin, Karen Price, Vee Gibson, Linda Michaelson, Joyce Lewis, Madge Lindsay, Janine Shigihara, Trudy Stubbs (holding block for Karen Bradley and her own).

Block for Jonnel Kelley:  Ann Falkner

Karen Price handed out fabric packets to the members for her friendship block.  She would like a red, white, and blue (not necessarily patriotic).

The 2014 PHD projects ended in March.  There were 274 projects completed by the 38 members that signed up.  There were 9 members that completed all the projects that they signed up for.  The following were awarded PHD certificates:
Alice Baumgartner, Marty Freeburne, Diantha Hatch, Candy High, Jonnel Kelley, Stacey McClellan, Sandra Shelley, Connie Tabor, and Peggy Wareing.

The top 3 winners with the most projects were:
Jonnel Kelley with 19 projects
Stacey McClellan with 18 projects
Connie Tabor with 17 projects

 Jonnel Kelley won a sewing machine tote

Connie Tabor won a $25.00 gift certificate from B & R Crafts
Stacey McClellan won a $25.00 gift certificate from B & R Crafts
She was not able to attend the meeting.

All those that participated received a fat quarter and a packet of needles.
Extra prices were award to the remaining members 
that finished some of their projects.

Lori Jarmin - plaque made and donated by Alice Baumgartner

Marty Freeburne - plaque made and donated by Alice Bauamgartner

Trudy Stubbs

Debbie Miles and Nancy Furniss

Lynda Sponenburgh and Diantha Hatch

Terilee Jacobson and Serena Yancey with plaque donated by Alice Baumgartner

Janey Cook, Doris Coffey, Audrey Eberhard with a plaque
donated by Alice Baumgartner

Linda Michaelson with fat quarter and packet of needles

Linda Watson, Mary Hege with plaque donated by Alice Baumgartner,
Madge Lindsay, Joyce Brower

Not pictured are Pat Goode and Marilyn Anderson

A brief class on care of our sewing machines was given by Connie Tabor.
The most important things we can do is change our needles often, brush the lint out of our machines (do not use canned air or blow into the machine), and take our machine in every couple of years to have it serviced.  Each member was given oil for their machine and instructed to oil their machines even though some machine guidelines say they don't need to be oiled.


Vee Gibson - spiral

Vee Gibson - circles - quilted by Terilee Jacobson

Lori Jarmin - PHD's - bags made from fabric 
given by former member Eunice Fowler

Lori Jarmin - Lone Star quilt for her husband

Lori Jarmin - Hexagon quilt - started in 2009

Doris Coffey - tote bag for granddaughter 
has 16 pockets inside

Diantha Hatch - block of the month from March meeting

Linda Watson - split rail block 
pattern from February class taught by Connie Tabor

Tiffany Lamb - picture of quilt to be raffled
Scrap fest lap quilt

Editha VanOrden - bags for holding projects, make-up or knitting

Editha VanOrden - cell phone bag made especially to fit her cell phone

Connie Tabor - flannel quilt with owls for granddaughter

Connie Tabor - made for her new great granddaughter Lorilei

Nancy Furniss - block of the month

Candy High - Hawaiian fabric - patterns done by needleturn
green leafs are patterns designed by Candy

Candy High - Drunkards Path pattern
class taken at Quilt Fest

Linda Michaelson - table topper - hedge hog fabric on back

Scarlett Atkins - tablerunner
made in begining class taught by Bev Hindman

Janey Cook, Myrtle Ballard, Joyce Lewis
Class project made in class taught by Connie Tabor and Madge Lindsay

Myrtle Ballard - pillowcase - made from kit

Myrtle Ballard - pillowcase

Marilyn Andersen - quilts made for Mission Home in Spain
where she will be serving for the next 3 years

Marilyn Andersen
Lynda Sponenburgh - left - helping to hold the quilt

Marilyn Andersen - "Momma's dishes"

Marilyn Andersen - "Some Kind of Wonderful"

Mary Hege - crochet rug using fabric strips
first PHD - 2015 - 2016

Garnalee Harrington - PHD for this year?
Block of the month from 2011

Joyce Lewis - zig zag quilt - will be given to the 
Elizabeth Baskets when it is finished

Joyce Lewis - Valentine Tablerunner
made at class given at Quilt Fest

Joyce Lewis - PHD

Ann Falkner - embroidered blocks

Marty Freeburne - PHD # 14

Madge Lindsay - quilt for Elizabeth Baskets

Madge Lindsay - panel with pinwheel blocks added for the border
made for new great grandbaby due next month

Madge Lindsay - pattern by Kim Diehl
quilted on her home machine

Audrey Eberhard - quilt for Elizabeth Baskets
machine quilted by Connie Tabor