Candy High, president welcomed everyone to the meeting.  Guests, Susan Gough, daughter of member Nan Harrison and Delores Mathews were introduced.   October birthdays are Diantha Hatch, Susan Plant, Margo Fisher and Candy High.
The Morning News photographer was present to take pictures of the presentation of the Raffle Quilt proceeds given to Pam Beus of the Blackfoot Senior Citizens Meals on Wheels.  The amount totaled $4335.  

Left to right, Peggy Wareing, Pam Beus, Gloria Udy and Candy High.
The winner of the quilt, Gloria Udy was presented with her quilt by Candy High, with Pam Beus holding her enlarged check.

Candy reminded members that their batik fabrics were to be turned in and an assortment would be returned next month.  Other announcements were made:

A thank you note from Superintendent Connie Tabor, EISF Needlearts department for the $50.00 donation that was given to 5 participants.  
Those were Jolene Secrist, Nancy Mendelshon, Terilee Jacobson, Brailey Green, and Judy Taylor.

Carmen Geddes quilt class is being held on October 6, at the Lutheran Church.  Candy will be sending out the sign up information in an e-mail. 

Portneuf Quilt Show will be held October 7th and 8th at the Red Lion in Pocatello.

Election of officers took place with the following members elected:

President - Candy High
Vice President - Kathryn Evans
Secretary - Julie Martin
Treasurer - Madge Lindsay
Membership - Janey Cook
Historian/Blog - Lori Jarmin

Lori Jarmin did a presentation on Feed Sack History.  She showed blocks that belonged to her 89 year old grandmother.


Audrey Eberhard showing quilt that came from the Eberhard family 
in Melba, Idaho.  Believed to be made in the 30's or 40's.

State Flower quilt with 48 states.  Origin unknown

Ann Falkner - old sewing box made of plywood - probably from 30's or 40's

Laurel Hill - made in the late 40's for her parents wedding gift
Made with satins - "crazy quilt"

Kathryn Evans - her grandmother made this for her parents in 1956.  
The edge is hemstitched.

Trudy Stubbs - Cigar silk pillow

Trudy Stubbs - Crazy Quilt

Karen Price - Crazy Quilt

Gloria Udy - baby quilt over 60 years old - satin fabrics
Cammie Wilkinson - Made for her father - over 70 years old

Cammie Wilkinson - made for her mother by great grandmother 
 1933- $2.50 for fabric

Cammie Wilkinson - made by Cammie when she was 8 years old.  
She did the embroidery work.

Sandra Shelley - Dresdan Plate - made by her grandmother

Connie Tabor - made by her grandmother when Connie was first married.

Connie Tabor - This replica of the above quilt made by Connie 
and was believed to be an authentic quilt that had been well preserved.

Marty Freeburne - believed to be made by her great aunt 
thought to be at least 75 years old

Valarie Lemas - Great grandmother's flower garden - used as an every day quilt
Hand pieced and hand quilted

Peggy Wareing - She received this when she was 9 or 10 years old 
 she cried because she really wanted toys. It has been well used.

Rita Harris - Crazy Quilt Vest - made with fabric from old dresses.
Candy High - Crazy Quilt - made with her grandfathers ties 
about 100 years old

Alice Elison - made 3 quilts - picture of grandmother ? at college graduation


 Tiffany Lamb - PHD # 1
Bonnie Hunter 2014 Mystery Quilt
Made for herself but giving to her parents for their 50th anniversary

Julie Martin - PHD - 3 pillowcases - Donating to Elizabeth Baskets 
along with basket of goodies to the left - from the "Moreland Trail", 
Daughters of the Utah Pioneers.  Also in the basket is a tiny pair of booties 
donated by Jan Wheeler.

Vee Gibson - PHD # 4 or 5 - fabric strips from the Humanitarian Center in 
Idaho Falls and put together by Vee.

Vee Gibson - PHD # 4 or 5 - Made with Care Bear pillow fabric and strips of fabric 2 1/2 inch - 5 inch from the Humanitarian Center in Idaho Falls.

Trudy Stubbs - PHD # 4  Florals 

Trudy Stubbs - back of above quilt - 16 patch

Lori Jarmin - Autumn quilt - made using Kim Brackett pattern

Lori Jarmin - scrappy quilt - will be for her family reunion next year

Lori Jarmin - Christmas Tree Skirt - 

Sandra Shelley - PHD - Grandaughters aprons

Doreen Arnold - Autumn Table Topper

Mary McCullough - Kim Diehl pattern - done in wool - Table Topper
Quilted by Connie Tabor

Linda Watson - PHD # 2 - 1930's - queen size for her daughter
Quilted by Connie Tabor

Serena Yancey - Frivol # 8 

Serena Yancey - "Bread and Butter"

Serena Yancey - Baby blankets for Elizabeth Baskets - with crocheted edge

Candy High - demo on using cardboard from cereal boxes as templates.

Candy uses tin foil to cover cardboard template and fabric.
She then presses with an iron to get a smooth press on fabric.

Once removed from the tin foil, use a glue to hold 
it in place before appliqueing.


President Candy High welcomes everyone and asks for members to introduce their guests.  Below Marty Freeburne introduces her friends Sharon Funk (blue top) and Sylvia Schroeder (purple top).