The meeting was called to order by President Lori Jarmin.  There was an announcement about the next  board meeting scheduled for October 2, 2014.  The meeting will be to plan for the 2015 agenda and held at 
Connie Tabor's house at 10:00 am.

Alice Baumgarter presented the August 
block of the month "Noon and Light".

Linda Watson gave a demo on the Disappearing Hour Glass as seen on The Missouri Star Quilt Company.  http://www.missouriquiltco.com/

Madge Lindsay gave a presentation on "The History of Applique"
She told of how applique was first known in 1980 b.c. and an example is located in a museum in Cairo, Egypt.
Applique really became popular in the 15th century and India started making the cotton fabric known as "chintz".

Broderie Perse technique was introduced - cutting around the piece of 
fabric and appliqueing it on another piece of fabric.

The "Tree of Life" pattern became popular in England in the 1600's.
                The early settlers taught their girls to stitch at a very young age.

Modern day broderie perse used on her projects.


Linda Michaelson - a 52 year old quilt.  Linda remembers seeing it 
tied when she was 12 years old.

Sandra Shelley  - PHD

Doris Coffey - PHD # 8

Doris Coffey - PHD #3
Taken at the fair so will try to get a better one at take down!

Madge Lindsay showing the last two blocks of the month that she has done.

Editha VanOrden - showing zipper tote that was unavailable to enter into the fair.

Diantha Hatch - the first two blocks of the Block of the Month

Lori Jarmin - Baby Quilt

 Lori Jarmin - Spinning Pinwheel- out of Christmas fabric

Left to right:  
Madge Lindsay, Lori Jarmin, Joyce Lewis, Joy Mecham, Myrtle Ballard
Holding  blocks made by friends ( Hortensia and Nancy)  of Joyce Lewis, 
while on a mission to Santiago, Chile

Close up of some of the blocks

Bag made by Hortensia for Joyce Lewis

Joy Mecham - PHD # 3 - made with help from friend, Editha VanOrden

It was announced that the Blackfoot Piecemakers' won Best of Show with their pieced and appliqued quilt.  The raffle money will go to 
Blackfoot Meals on Wheels


The regular meeting of the Blackfoot Piecemakers' Quilt Club was called to order by Lori Jarmin, President.

 Information for tickets sales on the Raffle Quilt was given by Joyce Brower.  A sign-up sheet for selling tickets at the fair was passed around for members to sign.

Joyce Brower and Lori Jarmin

The extra quilt top (made from leftover blocks from the raffle quilt) was shown  and information on how to earn tickets for the drawing of this quilt at the Christmas Party in December.

Getting to Know You 

Doris Coffey - talked about some of the first quilts she has made. One quilt included 1,097 hexagons (queen size)

Joyce Schoonover - a new member has lived in the area her whole life and loves to make quilts with her daughter


Diantha Hatch presented the block of the month (two squares become one)


Alice Baumgartner - bag and flowers - PHD

Alice Baumgartner - Kim Diehl's hopscotch pattern - PHD

Alice Baumgartner - Mini quilts 
made from leftovers from hopscotch pattern

July block of the month

Nancy Furniss - baby quilt for her grandson to be born
fabric on the back is all giraffes!

Madge Lindsay - PHD- made for great grandbaby born on July 10, 2014

Diantha Hatch - table topper from one of Kim Diehl's first patterns - PHD

Doris Coffey - "Aunt Mabel's Mittens" - made from flannels - PHD #13

Doris Coffey - Basket Weave Quilt - PHD # 6A

Doris Coffey - flower garden - 1/2 inch hexagons - PHD # 2

Debbie Miles - baby quilt she quilted on home machine - PHD #11

Trudy Stubbs - Picnic Quilt - made for step-granddaughter as a tea party quilt
She used a binding made from 2 colors - called Magic Binding on the web

Linda Michaelson - made 4 blankets and 4 burp cloths for the Elizabeth Baskets

 Made from flannel

Melba Shurtliff - June and July Wall hangings - PHD # 5 & # 6

Sally Strawn - Buggy Barn Crazy Cats!

Lynn Williams - 10 blankets for the Elizabeth Baskets

Marty Freeburne - Child's Quilt - "Duck, Duck, Goose" 
made from a panel and quilted with the "big stitch"

Serena Yancey - 3 Minkee Quilts - PHD # 27

Serena Yancey

Serena Yancey

Alice Baumgartner gave a talk about Pinterest.  She showed us on her computer how to do it!!!  It was very informative and how handy it is to save all those items that interest you on a virtual board on your computer.