February 23, 2017
Members met at the Lutheran Church for our
annual Chinese Auction.
We were greeted by Candy High - President

Upcoming Quilt Shows:  
Shelley Library Quilt Show 
 Tues, Feb 28 and Wed, March 1 
10:00 a.m. - 6:00 pm
Here is a link to their schedule.

Snake River Valley Quilt Show
March 23-25, 2017
9:00 A.M. –  8:00 P.M on Thursday and FridaySaturday 9:00 a.m. –  4:00 P.M.
ISU Bennion Student Center
1784 Science Center Drive, Idaho Falls, ID
Here's the link:

Blackfoot Quilt Fest 
There's still time to sign up for classes at an affordable price!
At the Snake River Junior High
March 30, 31, and April 1
Here's their link:

Crayon Challenge
Our challenge this year is the Crayon Challenge.  Members reached in a bag and pulled out two crayons. They are allowed to put one background/neutral fabric with these two colors and make a project with those colors.  The challenge is due in August. 
Good luck quilters!!!

 March 9, 2017 class - to be taught by Terilee Jacobson 
Big Star block quilt
 made with 10" or 5" squares
 There are a few opening for this class - contact Lori Jarmin

April 9th class - Beverly Hindman - Sunburst
(Beverly is an amazing teacher. The $25 fee for this class is worth every penny!)

May 13th class - Janey Cook - Modified Rail Fence
Never a dull moment with Janey.  We will laugh till we cry, we'll have so much fun!

Example of one of the three quilts you can make at this class.
Terilee's Big star table topper.
An easy quilt to finish in one day.

 King size Big Star quilt (10" squares)

 Lori Jarmin's Big Star quilt (2 charm packs)
This is also her PHD.

 Terilee's Big Star quilt made with 5" Squares.

Show and Tell
 Marty Freeburn

Finished Project bags
Nancy Furniss, Madge Lindsay, Lori Jarmin, Laurel Hill


 Laurel Hill

 Laurel Hill

 Laurel Hill

 Debbie Miles

 Debbie Miles

 Madge Lindsay

 Madge Lindsay - Maple Island

 Madge Lindsay
Made 20 years ago - each block tells a story

 Trudy Stubbs - Charlie Harper Fabrics

 Linda Michaelson - zippered pouch

 Linda - Armchair sewing caddy

 Linda's - Cozy Christmas quilt

 Lori Jarmin - Mondo bags

Candy High

Candy High

Candy High


       Candy High

 The Chinese Auction - Club members bring any unwanted quilting
items they have lying around their sewing room. 
The items are place in piles on tables.
In front of each pile we tape a brown paper bag.
Members purchase tickets @ 5 for $1 and place them in desired bags. 
A ticket is pulled from each bag and that winner gets the pile of goodies.
 Lots of fun! 
The coveted item was a sewing machine carrier. (shown above)
Candy High was the winner!

 The President's sharing moment:
 Candy showed different ideas of things to put your old
needles and dull cutting blades
into before disposing of them.
 Altoid box labeled "USED"

 Cutting blade holder also labeled "USED"

Old prescription container or empty spice containers.

Next meeting to be held March 23, 2017


Taught by Lori Robertson
on February 23, 2017

Class members:
Julie Martin, Madge Lindsay, Rita Harris, Janey Cook,
Trudy Stubbs, Linda Michaelson, Nancy Furniss, Laurel Hill, 
Susan Plant, Candy High, Lori Jarmin and Diantha Hatch
Joyce Brower came to serve us a wonderful meal prepared
by the board.

Project Bag

Candy wrapper bag with zipper

 Janey Cook

 Rita Harris and Susan Plant

 Julie Martin, Joyce Brower, Nancy Furniss, and Madge Lindsay

 Madge Lindsay with her daughter (and our teacher) Lori Robertson

Julie Martin
Our finished projects!!!