President Lori Jarmin made a few quick announcements about the entries for the EISF due on Friday and Saturday of this week.  Connie Tabor encouraged everyone to enter their quilts or other items they had made.  We started with Show and Tell because Madge Lindsay had to leave early.  


Madge Lindsay - showing a quilt at the board meeting she had made for a gift
and wouldn't have it for the regular meeting.

Madge Lindsay - the Boy Scout Quilt that she donates every year for a raffle.
She was able to collect her fabrics from different quilt shops in the area.

Sandra Shelley - left, -PHD- showing the quilt she had made at 
Connie Tabor's class in February - Spinning Stars - made with Christmas fabric. 
Helping to show is friend Jean Korth.

Back of Sandra's Christmas Quilt with incredible quilting on the Minkee 
done by Terilee Jacobson.

Sandra Shelley -PHD- wall hanging made from class taken at Quilt Fest 2015.

Sandra Shelley -PHD - made from a kit purchased in Maui - called "Turtle Park"

Jean Korth - PHD #1 - bargello

Candy High - pattern from her friend she visited - "Hawaiian Friend"
Batik fabrics from Hawaii

Debbie Miles - PHD - Split Rail Fence 

Sally Strawn - Embroidered Wall Hanging

Trudy Stubbs - Scrappy Quilt - donated to charity

Megan Coffey - granddaughter of Doris Coffey 
 visiting for the summer from Las Vegas and taking classes 
at BYU Idaho - first quilt

Doris Coffey - PHD # 16 - "Love Is" bought from
the Quilted Daisy and is donating it to the Elizabeth Baskets.
Megan Coffey with Doris Coffey - PHD # 3 - State Flowers

Vee Gibson, left - PHD - United States

Vee Gibson - PHD - Scrappy Variation

Vee Gibson - PHD - Scrappy Variation

Leora Melton - panel - made for friends new baby

Leora Melton - back of baby quilt
Leora Melton - growth chart - given to grandmother of new baby

Leora Melton - table runner

Leora Melton - made for her bathroom

Leora Melton - pattern for folded potholder - she was in an Oregon
Quilt shop and they gave her this pattern

Leora Melton - showing how to make the potholder

 Leora Melton - using more than one fabric and 
 folded squares into triangles - patterns were available

Mary McCullough - Wool Project - hand quilted 
"Autumn All Around"

Mary McCullough - made for her friend and co-worker at the INL
Quilted by Connie Tabor

Lynda Sponenburgh - PHD # 21 - Haystack pattern
Book by Lori Holt - Farm Girl Vintage
Quilted by Shelley Day

Linda Michaelson - Fox Quilt - Made in Connie Tabor's Class 
on the Spinning Star - quilted by Connie Tabor
donated to Elizabeth Baskets

Linda Michaelson - Placemats - Pig and Lamb

Linda Michaelson - Placemat - Chicken

Linda Michaelson - PHD - bird pincushion made from wool

 Linda Michaelson - PHD - Halloween quilt
Quilted by Susan Nelson

Linda Michaelson - PHD - Flower Box quilt

Valarie Lemas - Hungry Caterpillar 
 to be made into a curtain

Julia Wareing - Tumbler baby quilt 
to be donated to the Elizabeth Baskets

Julia Wareing - PHD - Pat Speth pattern 
 to be given to son's Math Teacher
Julia Wareing - PHD - Anka's Treasures pattern - Gypsy Rose Fabric
Wedding Present

Julia Wareing - PHD - made from a fat quarter tower

Stacey McClellan - PHD # 2 - Hopscotch Medallion - Kim Diehl pattern

Stacey McClellan - PHD # 8 - All Smiles Halloween

Janey Cook - PHD - Mickey Mouse quilt made for grandson age 12

Janey Cook - PHD - Mickey Mouse quilt made for another grandson age 3

Janey Cook - PHD -  made for granddaughter
Janey Cook - PHD - made for another granddaughter

Janey Cook - PHD - made for 20 year old step son

Janey Cook -PHD- batiks - made for brother

Alice Baumgartner - Wool Applique

Lori Jarmin - PHD - Moda Love Christmas
 made in Julia Wareing's Class

Lori Jarmin - PHD-  Flower Applique

Serena Yancey - PHD - The Stitch and Giggle Mystery Quilt

President Lori Jarmin made a presentation to Stacey McClellan 
for winning the prize for the most PHD's in April.  
She received a gift certificate and certificate of completion.

Editha VanOrden asked if the person wanting to check out 
the book from last months book report could pick it up from the library.

Karen Price asked for volunteers to sell tickets for the 
Quilt Heritage Museum raffle quilt.

Mary Hege announced a fund raiser to help the people in Northern Idaho 
because of all the fires.  Cash donations can be made to 
Kamiah Credit Union.
More information will be sent by e-mail.

Valarie Lemas presented the block of the month "Spool"

Leora Melton - giving her book report.  
Since she didn't like the projects in the original book, 
she made one out of a different book!

The book she chose was called "Spring" by The Quilter's Home.
The book is published by Martingale.

Finished top made from the pattern in the book!

Lori reading a few quotes from the book Stash Envy
by Lisa Boyer

Friendship Blocks for Karen Price
Candy High, Valarie Lemus, Margo Fisher

One of our newest members, Scarlett Atkins, won first prize for her quilt 
in the "Row by Row" Contest being held at Madsen's in Idaho Falls.
Congratulations Scarlett!!!!  No picture available.