Blackfoot Piecemaker Meeting
held on April 26, 2018\
at the Lutheran Church

Trudy Stubbs and Linda Michaelson conducted the meeting

Mimi Jones (new member) - Quilts of Valor representative in our area

Mimi Jones

A label on a Quilt of Valor

Mimi Jones - Quilt of Valor can be any color.  This is a Turning Twenty pattern.

Candy High showed the next month challenge on our "Sew A-long quilt"

Madge Lindsay, Julie Martin, Sally Strawn, and Nancy Furniss showed their "quilt along" quilts.

Items donated for the Elizabeth Baskets

More Elizabeth Basket donations

Lori Jarmin demonstrated the Hummingbird Needle Threader - from Hobby Lobby or Joann Fabrics

Kathryn Evans, Linda Michaelson, Madge Lindsay and Ruth Blackadar showed their finished projects from the Salvage class.

 Show and Tell

Trudy Stubbs - basket quilt

Trudy - phone bag made from pig tie (so cute!!!)

Audrey Eberhard - Tulip quilt, just in time for spring!!!

Connie Tabor - Zonta quilt (Connie makes one for Zonta every year. She's amazing.)

Connie - Log Cabin quilt

Madge Lindsay - showed a Charity quilt made at our January class

Nancy Furniss - Star Wars quilt

Another picture of Nancy's Star Wars quilt

Nancy Furniss - beautiful stars (quilted by Connie Tabor)

Linda Borba - lap quilt

Dee Bowman - Log Cabin

Garnalee Harrington - Pinwheels

Nice back, Garnalee!

Vee Gibson - designed and pieced by her granddaughter

Vee - from our Dresden class
Lori Jarmin - free on line pattern called "Nico"

Lori Jarmin - class taken last year from Francine Barrett (Quilt Fest)

Kathryn Evans - Mini Bowtie

Linda Michaelson - Owl quilt made from salvages

Quilt made at our charity day in January

Doris Coffey - Musical quilt made for granddaughter



April 12, 2018 
We had a great time at our Salvage Class.
Taught by Trudy Stubbs
We tried to use up her salvage ends, but it didn't look like we put a dent in her stash. 
 We sure had fun trying, though!

 In attendence:
Trudy Stubbs, Lori Jarmin, Madge Lindsay, Kathryn Evans, Ruth Blackadar, (there were 2 in attendance whose name we did not know, please update us)